May 4-7, 2015. This week I was in California. The first day I went to Santa Ana to visit Airborne. Airborne is the company that makes the parachutes for Orion, Space X, and Boeing. It was really cool to see how big the parachutes really are and the mechanisms behind them. With the chute and the strings the parachute is over 120 feet. Wednesday I went to Armstrong formally known as Dryden for a tour of the facility. At Armstrong I got to sit in a F-18, use the simulators real pilots use, and see everything they are working on. In the F-18 I got to turn it on, switch the flaps, turned on lights, played with the monitors, and saw how the oxygen system worked. That same day I also went to XCOR to see what they are working on. I got to see the plane they were planning on sending to space. On Thursday I drove up to Ames Research Center. I did an interview for a Mars documentary in cooperation with the  San Fransisco Film Board. I also got to speak to a small group of kids that just so happened to be in the visitor center. I then went and toured their facility and saw several projects they are working on. I had an amazing time in California, saw some really cool things, and I am looking forward to going back.

Cette semaine je suis allé au California. Le premier jour je suis allé au Santa Ana pour visite Airborne. Airborne est la Company qui construire les parachutes pour Orion, Space X, et Boeing. Quelle que parachutes étais plus que 120 pieds.  Mercredi je suis allé au Armstrong pour visite le facilite. Je me suis assis dans un F-18, utilise des simulateurs, et vu les projets. Je aussi alle au XCOR pour voir le avoir ils voulaient lance dans l’espace. Jeudi je suis allé au Âmes Research Center. J’ai fait une interview pour une documentaire. J’ai aussi vu les project ils faisaient. Etais très amusant dans California et j’espère mon prochain visite.

Esta semana estuve en California. El primer día fui a Santa Ana a visitar Airborne. Airborne construye los paracaídas para Orion, Space X, y Boeing. Algunos de los paracaídas son de más de 120 pisos de alto. El Miércoles fui a Armstrong. Allí me senté en un F-18, utilicé simuladores, y vi los proyectos que ellos están haciendo. También fui a XCOR para ver el avión que quieren lanzar al espacio. El Jueves fui a Ames Research Center para hacer una entrevista para un documento sobre Marte. También veo los proyectos que Ames está haciendo. Adoro visitar California y espero hacerlo nuevamente en una próxima ocasión.


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