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August 11, 2015
The Martian
October 3, 2015

Ripley’s One Zany Day

February 27, 2015. Today I went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not warehouse. I got to all kinds of weird and cool stuff. I saw statues that were made of tires, plastic utensils, and even bones. I saw really cool paintings but the artist would use toothpaste instead of paint. I got to see a shrunken head, a vampire killing set and lots of cool stuff. As far as space stuff, I got to wear a Russian survival jacket. I also got to hold a tube of moon dust, a Fabergé egg with a microfilm of the bible in it that went to the moon, a golf ball that went to the moon and I also got to hold a piece of Mars. I held a pretty big Mars rock. I also got to stand on the rock so I have stepped foot on Mars. After visiting I went to another warehouse to do a photoshoot because I am going to be on the back cover and in one of Ripley’s books. I had a lot of fun seeing the cool stuff and doing the photoshoot.

Je suis alle au Ripley’s Believe It or Not et j’ai vu beaucoup des choses bizarre. J’ai vu des statues qui étais fait des fourchettes. J’ai vu des peintures qui étais fait de dentifrice. J’ai aussi vu un tête, un chose pour tue des vampires et des autre chose. Pour l’espace, j’ai vu un manteau, un tube de poussier de la Lune, le bible qui étais sur la lune, un balle de golf qui étais sur la lune et un roche de Mars. Après  j’ai prend des photos parce que je vont être dans un livre.

Yo fui a Ripley’s Believe It or Not y yo vio muchas cosas locas. Yo vio un cabeza, cosas para matar a un vampiresa, y muchos pinturas. Todas las pinturas era hecho de cosas
locas. Yo también vio una vestido del Russian organización d’espacio, un piedra de las luna, un Faberge huevo con la Biblia que fue a la luna, el pelota de golf que fue a la luna y un piedra de Marte. Después yo hago photos por que yo estoy en uno de los libros para Ripley’s.


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