Bonfires on the Levee



Here in south Louisiana we have a tradition of making different objects out of wood and then lighting them up on Christmas Eve to light the way for Santa Clause to come see us and deliver presents. I went out today to see the different bonfires built and came across the Space Shuttle all built out of wood awaiting to be lit tonight. It was a great work of art, sad to know that it will be burnt up tonight but then that’s tradition. Below is the shuttle with me and the crew who built it.



Dans le Sud de Louisiana nous construie des sulptures sur les bank de le Mississippi pour dire a papa noel que nous son la. J’ai vu un qui resemble a un Shuttle and j’ai eu un foto avec les personnes qui ont construie cette sulpture. Cette tres joli.


En la sur de Louisiana nosotros hacen un escultura sobre la Mississippi para dice a san nicolas que nosotros son alli. Yo veo un escultura que era un Shuttle y yo hagan un foto con los personas que hicen la escultura. Era muy linda.

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