Cambridge-National Space Center

I visited Cambridge to see and learn all about the school. That is where I want to get my Undergraduate degree. I saw a couple of colleges since there is 31 schools. I also learned more about the history of the city. I learned about the program and got to visit some of the courtyards of the different colleges. I really like the program and can’t wait to go to school there. Since we were already close I took a train to Leicester, United Kingdom where the National Space Center is located. I saw there exhibits about the planets, rockets, moon travel and I saw a short film. Everything was very interesting and I’m very glad I got to visit.

J’ai visité Cambridge pour voir et apprend sur le programme. Je voudrais allé ici pour mon diplôme. J’ai vu deux université parce que il y a 31 différent université. J’ai aussi apprend sur le passe de le ville. J’apprends sur le programme et vu quelque cours. Je ne peut pas attend pour commence. Je suis alle  sur un train à Leicester, Angleterre pour voir le National Space Center. J’ai sur les exhibition sur les plantes, la lune, des fusses, et un petit film. Étais très intéressant.

Yo visitado Cambridge para ver y estudio sobre la universidad. Yo quebró mi diploma de allí. Yo vi dos escuelas por qué hay 31 diferente universidades. Yo también estudio sobre la pasado de pueblo. Estudio sobre la programa y yo vi la interior de unos escuelas. Yo fui en tren a Leicester, United Kingdom para ver la National Space Center. Yo vi los exhibíos sobre planetas, la luna, cohetes, y un pequeño video. Era muy divertido.10511204_10203635138111769_5429565162013426396_n 10492125_10203628761872367_2572790335836463289_n 10475589_10203628745991970_32441121591976470_n

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