Euro Space Camp-Brussels

After my visit in the UK I took the train to Brussels, Belgium. The first day we left Brussels and went to Euro Space Camp. I got to ride the 1/6 chair and the MMU on the  Canada arm. I saw the cockpit for the shuttle.  I explored there museum and did an interactive video tour. The staff was very nice and I appreciate everything that they did for me. The second day I took a bus tour of Brussels and saw the historical sites. My two favorites were the Atom. Which is a humongous Iron atom. You can go inside and there are a few science exhibits. My other favorite was Mini Europe. Which is famous monuments in the 28 European Union countries and everything is miniature size. I got to see the monument I had already seen but smaller. I also got to see other monuments as well. Everything was fun. The third day I went shopping and got some new clothes. I had loads of fun. I’m leaving tomorrow to start my journey back home.

Après mon visite dans Angleterre je suis allé par train à Brussels, Belgique. Le premier jour je suis allé à Euro Space Camp. Je est allé sur le 1/6 chair, et le MMU. J’ai vu l’intérieur de Shuttle. J’ai exploré les muses et faisait un tour acoustique. Le deuxième jour je suis allé au Atomium et Mini Europe. Le Atomium est un grand atome de fer. Il y a des exhibition de sciences à l’intérieur. Mini Europe est beaucoup de monument très petits. Tous étais très amusant. Le troisième jour j’ai fait de shopping. Demain je commence ma voyage à ma maison.

Después de UK yo fui sobre tren a Brussels. La primera día yo fui a Euro Space Camp. Yo jugo sobre la 1/6 chair y la MMU. Yo vi interior de un Shuttle. Yo vi los museos y hizo un tour de audio. La segundo día yo visita la Atomiun y Mini Europa. La Atomiun es un grande átomo de hierro. Interior tiene exhibíos de ciencias. Mini Europa es monumentos de Europa pero son muy pequeño. Todo era muy divertido. La tercer día yo fui a compras la ropa. Mañana yo comenzar mi viaje a mi casa.10437024_10203642790063063_9009399453255959272_n 10524355_10203642422493874_5317406454485941719_n 10401448_10203653214043656_4226785283797766097_n 10422042_10203653212483617_3184474529146009617_n 10524616_10203653209683547_5788575123560727549_n 10475708_10203653204683422_8964699056722206528_n

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