Kidsfest Gonzales, LA

September 13, 2014. Today I went to kids fest in Gonzales, LA. I was there promoting the GEMS (Girls Excited about Math and Science) program as well as the STEM ( Science Technology Engineering and Math) program.  I was also getting kids interested about space camp. I had a lots of fun! Thanks to Alsie Dumbar for starting the GEMS and STEM program in the local area.

Au jour dui je suis allé au kids fest en Gonzales,LA. Je étais la encourage le GEMS et STEM programme. Je aussi encouragé camp d’espace. Étais tes amusant. Merci à Alsie Dumbar pour commence le GEMS et STEM programme dans mon ville.

Hoy yo fui a kids fest en Gonzales. LA. Yo era allí para alentar el GEMS y STEM programo. Yo también alentar campo del espacio. Era muy divertido. Gracias a Alsie Dumbar para empezar el GEMS y STEM programo en mi pueblo.WP_20140913_10_27_04_Pro WP_20140913_09_30_52_Pro WP_20140913_11_45_37_Pro

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  1. Rui Rosenthal says:

    Dear Alyssa I hope that all the energy you are putting on this inspires a lot of others (kids and grown ups) and I wish you all the success and that you can realize your dream.

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