KSC Day 2

Today I went to see MAVEN lift off. It was AMAZING. I had a private meet and greet with NASA administrator Charlie Bolden. He also signed my passport. He was really interesting.  While I was there I meet Bill Nye the Science Guy. I sat next to him on the bus over there and got to talk to him. I also got a photo with him. I was only three miles away from the launch. GO ATLAS! GO CENTAUR! GO MAVEN!

Au jour dui je suis allé voir le lancede MAVEN. il étais très AMUSANT! Je parle toute seul avec le NASA administrateur Charlie Bolden. Il a signé ma passeport. Il étais très intéressant. Je aussi vu Bill Nye thé Science Guy. Je assit proche de il sur le bus et je parle avec lui. Je aussi avoir un photo. J’étais seulement 3 miles de le lance. GO ATLAS! GO CENTAUR! GO MAVEN!

Hoy yo fui a ver le lanza de MAVEN. ¡Era muy DIVERTIDO! Yo hablo solo con NASA administrador Charlie Bolden. El a signado mi pasaporta y el era muy interesante. También yo veo Bill Nye the Science Guy. Sobre la bus yo hablo con ello y yo tiene un foto con el. Yo era 3 miles de la lanza. GO ATLAS! GO CENTAUR! GO MAVEN!nye

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