After meeting with the Mars One guys I took the train to Luxembourg. We stayed there for about a day to say that I’ve been there. So the next day we took the train to London. The first day I went on the London eye. At the top you could see everything. I then took a boat tour to learn about modern London. Next I visited Big Ben and Parliament. I then went and learned about the history of London by going into the London Dungeon. I leaned about the way you we treated for doing the smallest things, different stories, and had a amazing time. The second day we saw Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, as well as some other governmental buildings. The third day I went and visited Stonehenge. I got to walk around the main circle and see the stone on the outside. I leaned about the different types of rocks. Everything was very interesting. London was lots of fun.

Après de Mars One ont allé sur un train à Luxembourg pour dire que j’étais là. Après Ont a fui à London. Thé premier jour j’ai visité thé London yeux. Étais magnifique. Après j’ai fait un tour sur bateaux pour apprend sur London au jour dui. J’ai visité Big Ben et Parliment. J’ai aussi fui à le London Dungeon pour apprend sur le passe de London. Thé deuxième jour j’ai visité Buckingham palace, 10 downing street, et autre building. Le troisième jour je suis alle à Stonghéng. J’ai vu tous les roches. Étais très intéressant. London étais très amusant.

Después de Mars One you fui a Luxemburgo para dice yo fui allá. Después yo fui a London. La primera día yo fui sobre la London Eye. Era muy fantástico. Después yo fui sobre un barco para uno tour de presente London. Yo visitado Big Ben y Parliment. Yo estudió la pasado de London en el London Dongeon. Era magnífico. La segundo día yo visitado Buckingham Palace, 10 downing street, y otros lugares. La tercer día yo fui a Stoneheng. Yo vi todos los rocas. Era muy interesante. London era muy divertido.10501978_10203604695590725_1102619912904287604_n 10269441_10203623444659440_498876995290129001_n 10404160_10203604323261417_4013443446117971173_n

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