Middle School Soccer

I have started my middle school soccer league, playing for my school. So far we have played two games and won both of them with scores of 12-0 and 6-0. I’ve scored two goals and that was in the first game. I’ve been having a lot of fun!!! On December 18 I will be going to Stennis Space Center to see a test firing of the new rocket that NASA will be using to send me to Mars! I can’t wait to see the test firing! Stay tuned to share the experience!

Je deja commence my middle school league, pour mon ecole. On a joue deux match and gane les deux et les points son 12-0 et 6-0. Je fait deux point dans le premier jeu. C’est tres amusamt! Demain je von a Stennis Space Center pour voir une fusse December 18. C’est la fusse que NASA vont evoyer moi sur Mars. Vient voir pour le experience.

Yo empezo mi middle school soccer league, para mi escuela. osotros a jugamos dos juegos y ganaron los dos. Era 12-0 y 6-0. Yo hice dos puntos en la primera juego. Deciembre 18 yo voy a Stennis Space Center para ver une cohete. Es la cohete que NASA a hiciste para mi voyage a MARS. Mira para ver la experiancia.


  1. Royal ce moment passez en votre compagnie, merci enormement pour cette bonne lecture.

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