National Flight Academy

July 18, 2014. This past week I have been attending National Flight Academy in Pensacola, FL. I learned to fly the X-12 Traid as well as calculate my fuel. I had lots of fun. I planned and executed 5 missions. From flying to different airfields to saving a sinking cruise ship. I leaned to hover, formation flying, land survival and a blue angel, Tom Frosch and astronaut, Mike Forman, spoke to the camp.  It was very neat having the sound and pictures to make you feel like you were living on board an aircraft carrier. All in all the week was full of hard work, laughs, and lots of fun. I will be at the VA Flight Academy starting July 20th, the 45th anniversary of Man landing on the moon. Come back after that week for my next blog! 🙂

Çe semaine dernier j’ai étais à National Flight Academy dans Pensacola, FL. J’apprends comment vole un X-12 Traid aussi beaucoup de maths. Étais très amusant! J’ai fait 5 mission de vole à des différent airport ou sauve des personnes de un cruise. J’apprends à hover, formation flying et comment vive dans le nature. Un angel bleu, Tom Frosch et un astronaute Mike Forman parle à le camp. Étais très cool de vive sur un air raft carrier. Sur tous le semaine étais difficile mais amusant.

Este semana yo fui a National Flight Academy en Pensacola, FL. Yo estudie como volé un X-12 Traíd también mucho matemático. Era muy divertido. Yo hizo 5 misiones, uno era tu volé a un Aeropuerto y salvo personas de un cruise. Yo estudie como hover, formación flying y como vivo en la natura. Un ángel azul, Tom Frosh y un astronauta Mike Forman hablo a el campo. Era muy interesante a vivir sobre un aircraft carrier. Sobre todo era muy difícil pero divertido.10483067_10152542915104140_193422399693875542_n 10435129_10152542913839140_1698246578426155438_n 10409657_10152542912404140_3379673319032252321_n

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