The Martian

October 1, 2015. Tonight I went to see the movie The Martian. I highly enjoyed the movie. The plot was incredibly entertaining and the movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. I would recommend this movie to anyone, whether you’re a fan of space travel or not this movie is amazing for all. The Martian is an inspiring story about one astronaut fight to return home.

Ce nuit je suis allé voir le film The Martian. J’aime ce film beaucoup. L’histoire est incroyable et le film vous permet de resté sur le bord de votre chaise. Je pense que tous le monde devrais allé voir cette film même si tu n’aime pas l’espace. Le Martian est un histoire de le battre de un astronaute pour retourné sur la Terre.

Este noche yo fui a ver la película The Martian. A mí me gusta esta película. Historia fue asombroso y la película guárdele en el borde de su asiento. Yo pienso que todos necesitamos ver esta película incluso si tú no le gustas l’espacio. The Martian es un historia de un astronautas pelea para regresar a la tierra.12096281_10207002838662178_3225238853895511545_n 12096407_10207002803341295_6941786832199067433_n


  1. The day will come and we will be on Mars. The wait is not long!

  2. Alex Pedrosa says:

    Alyssa I am a big fan of yours, I see that you will be a great woman in the future and it would be a great honor if you answered me

  3. Navroop Ghangas says:

    I want to be astronaut.I get thrills when i think that one day i will be on Mars with astronaut.I think I am day dreamer because i always think of being astronaut.

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