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August 2-7. This week I attended the Virginia Space Flight Academy Advance Rocketry. I built my own rocket while using a 3D printer and I assembled a circuit board to measure the altitude of the rocket. I learned how to solder and aerodynamics. My rocket worked well and came down safely. I went on multiple tours. I went to NOAA, HIF, the Antares Launch Pad, the mission control, and the hangar.  At NOAA I saw different satellite dishes that track weather satellites. I also leaned about weather tracking, At the HIF I got to see the next Antares rocket being built. At the hangar I got to see a T-38. At the graduation I won the award for winning the most points on my rocket.

Ce semaine je suis allé à le Virginia Space Flight Academy Advance Rocketry. J’ai construire un fusse avec un 3D imprimeur et aussi des électroniques pour regard le distance de mon fusse. Mon fusse était très bien construire. Je suis allé sur différent tours. Je suis allé à NOAA, HIF, le Antares fusses, et des avions. A NOAA j’ai vu des satellites qui trace le climat. J’ai vu le prochaine Antares et un T-38. A le graduation j’ai gagné un prix pour mon fusse.

Este semana yo fui al Virginia Space Flight Academy Advance Rocketry. Yo construyo un cohete con un 3D Printer y electrónicos para ver la distancia de mi cohete.
A mi me gusta mi cohete. Yo también fue sobre diferentes tours. You fue a NOAA, HIF, la control de misión, y aviones. A NOAA yo vi los satélites que ver la clima. Yo vi el Antares cohete y una T-38. Al graduación yo gano una primera para mi cohete.


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  1. Fred Perry says:

    Interesting … measuring the altitude using circuit board is good.

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