Washington DC Panel Discussion on Missions to Mars in the 2030s

Below is the link to see the discussions about Mars and the future missions. I was honored to be invited to participate on the panel. I come in at the 1:16:00 mark






When I went to Washington DC I was honored and excited to be representing the MARS generation of kids. I had a blast and really enjoyed the experience. I felt privileged to sit next to all these great men and women. I was the only child but that does not bother me. I hope you enjoyed listing to what I said. As I have said before and on the panel FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!

Quand ie suis alle a Washington DC j’etais honore et excite de etre la pour tous l’enfants. C’etais un bien experience. J’etais privilege d’etre la avec tous c’est hommes and femmes. J’etais the seul enfant mais ca c’est pas mal. Jespere tu a aime toute que jais dit. Ie dit tous les fois SUIVEZ VOTRE REVE!

Cuando yo era en Washington DC yo era honrado de representar todos los ninosque puedo estar los ninos sobre Marso. Era une bueno experiencias. Yo era privilegiado de estar con estas hombres y mujeres. Yo era la solo nina pero era bueno. Yo espera tu amado todas las cosas que yo dice. Como siempre dijo SIGA SUS SUENOS!

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